Insurance Policy Application

At LMI we understand that you have a lot options for insurance as a Kinesiologist. There is the OKA, other brokers and various insurance programs. You may have just graduated from an accredited college and now need a comprehensive insurance policy at the best price. Unlike other insurance options our insurance policies for Kinesiologists is membership free. You might be wondering if this insurance policy is similar to those held by others with degrees Kinesiology. The answer is yes and it more comprehensive. Having more coverages then other policies as a practitioner with a Kinesiology degree, you can agree you are protected.

We have made the application process online so you get your Kinesiology insurance policy easily and a price designed for those just starting out in their new found profession. We are proud to be part of this amazing field that promotes health and fitness and protect the practitioners from the unfortunate world of lawsuits. This policy is mobile anywhere in Canada, has no age restrictions and has a broad description of coverages for your scope of practice. This Kinesiology insurance policy can also add over 365 modalities for nominal fees, and can be endorsed to cover you anywhere in Canada. As a Kinsiologist this one of the most comprehensive insurance policy with the most value added features.